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Transcript Management

FlexiSAF has taken initiative to avail institutions with an electronic transcript management system to make life easier for staff, colleges

Payment Solutions

Our approach to payment delivers the optimum satisfaction in user experience on the part of the College administration and the students R

E-Learning Services

Get online and offline access to study materials on different subjects. Make yourself more knowledgeable and resourceful!   A collabora

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  • Unlocking A Child’s Potential

    September 2018  

    Nelly was a school counselor who was very passionate about her job.   For Nelly, her job description was simple. To bring out the best in every c…

  • The Challenges Are The Opportunities

    August 2018  

    We complain and groan that things do not go our way. That some selected few have been earmarked for all the wonderful things on earth and that the rem…

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Conceived from the need to address typical Nigerian problems,
SRMS has since 2007 housed over 100,000 Students Records effortlessly and with a daily growing user base.

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