E-Learning Services

Get online and offline access to study materials on different subjects. Make yourself more knowledgeable and resourceful!


A collaborative platform for both staff and students to engage in self-paced training online; using class activities, quizzes, tests and examinations has been made available on SRMS. The system has over 3900 educational videos in various subjects. This has been provided through partnership with industry leaders in e-learning. These tools are accessible 24/7 online or on the school’s network.
It is a FREE E-Learning software, do not be alarmed. All the rich packages will be at your fingertips with added benefits from SRMS. The usual issues associated with course/class enrollment when it comes to using it are eradicated because of the automatic integration of accounts directly from SRMS. When the registration process is complete on the SRMS platform, a student will be enrolled into all courses registered for that semester on the E-Learning platform. This knocks out the tedious search for specific Course Names, Semester Offered and Instructor Assigned, For example: “BIO 123 Semester 1” , “BIOLOGY 123” , “BIO 123 Semester 1 (Dr. Raji) e.t.c.


Other Fancy Features:


  • Moodle Instant Messaging
  • Discussion Forums
  • Wiki
  • Online News, Announcements & Calender