Online Admission Platform

Apply for admissions using Online Admission Application (OAA) platform.

It simplifies application submissions and generally speeds up communication between stakeholders throughout the admission window. The convenience that OAA provides is sure to attract more prospective applicants while marketing to even more parents which in turn lowers the cost per applications processed for schools.
Other Efficient Features:

  1. Online Payment & SMS Verification Alert
  2. Filling and Submission
  3. Itemized application tracking
  4. Optional Printing of forms and Admission Letter
  5. Email/SMS Communication
  6. Personalized notification page

The Online Admission Platform is a user friendly, web-based, online system for school’s admission process. It brings together all the different activities of admission procedures from applying, processing to awarding. It keeps every stakeholder (including the Applicant, Head of Departments, Admission Officer, Academic Secretary, Bursar, Institution Head, etc) up-to date with what concerns them. After you have applied for admission for a school, you can view the status of the page and keep track of your application(s). Thereafter, you may print or simply view report online.