Enrolment made easier with students’ online registration into schools and courses.


The whole registration process has been greatly simplified with SRMS. All those trips to the Bursary to clear financial holds and sort out course registration eligibility at the Academic Supervisor and is certainly no more.

Once school fees verification has been made. A list of pre-configured core courses at departmental level are recommended for registration and other electives could be added manually to complete registration.


Staff Enrolment
FlexiSAF SRMS is capable of enrolling staff upon admission into the institution. The enrolment of the staff creates accounts for them as valid users of the system, with each staff given some specific roles to perform. The process is also very handy in records management and generating useful reports on statistical analysis of staff based on a number of categories e.g.  Faculty, Departments, States, etc.


Student Enrolment
Also embedded in FlexiSAF SRMS is the student enrollment feature, which converts them to confirmed students of the institution as well as valid users of the system. Students can use their accounts to perform their course registrations, view their results and manage their profiles. All students enrolled will have their records intact and up-to date. The enrollment also makes it possible for generating useful reports that can be used in statistical analysis and making informed-decisions.