Payment Solutions

Our approach to payment delivers the optimum satisfaction in user experience on the part of the College administration and the students – prospective as well as returning. This was achievable as a result of our vast experience in application deployments in different parts and regions of the Country.


Online payments via Mastercards and VISA cards are ubiquitous these days – greatly facilitated by the proliferation of online shopping malls, online airline booking and so on. We leverage on this opportunity and integrated in the SRMS, online payment for tuition, hostel, and other types of payments via ATM Cards.  This allows payments to be made from anywhere in the world and grants instant access to course enrolment, accommodation etc. It also provides useful timely reports on payments for the bursary and other relevant stakeholders in the college.


Conversely, online payments might not be a viable option due to epileptic connectivity especially for colleges in remote regions of the Country, SRMS supports the Scratch card option. Students can obtain the cards at designated locations after successful payments in banks. The cards grant access to the intended resource; course enrolment, hostel accommodation and so on. It also provides useful reports and charts for the bursary.


SRMS also supports a combination of the two above for the ultimate flexibility.