Transcript Management

FlexiSAF has taken initiative to avail institutions with an electronic transcript management system to make life easier for staff, colleges and students alike.

Being a system that houses


Until recently, university graduates were obligated to request paper transcripts directly from their alma maters. Staff responsible for this exercise pile tonnes of such requests and retrieve records manually from an even bigger pile of students’ files. The entire cycle could take months, even years in extreme cases.

Processing transcripts electronically saves time and money. The effort required is also very little.


A normal procedure would be say:


  • Graduate fills a request for transcript form
  • Form may or may not be filed – depending on the human decision
  • Form is finally filed – along with many others
  • Sits to gather dust on desk (probably)
  • “Time units” later, forms are processed
  • At last, requests begin their normal routine


With the help of our able design which is free from human error and emotional judgement, your requests are able to dodge such potholes and are processed within 24 hours.


Online Payment (Transcripts)
Students can pay online to facilitate transcript requests, with our transcript request and payment solution, alumni from far and wide can put in a request for transcripts, make payments online, and have their transcript sent via email and/or mail post.